GDPR Support Pack

GDPR Documentation, Support and Staff Training Package

Prior Analytics can help to get you started on your journey to GDPR compliance. We will continue to support you and keep you informed about new developments as the GDPR is enforced and the new Data Protection Act 2018 becomes law.

Prepare for the GDPR and the DPA 2018 with our comprehensive data protection toolkit, complete with industry leading GDPR policies & procedures, plus 20+ supporting documents in information security, staff training, risk management, outsourcing, complaint handling and much more.

GDPR Support Pack Brochure

GDPR Staff Training Pack Brochure

Our GDPR Documentation Toolkit contains more than 40 GDPR data protection policies, procedures and templates for a comprehensive data protection and compliance program. These customisable templates are ready-to-use and have been developed by experts in GDPR compliance. Delivered by email after payment is received, our documents are customisable, come with free upgrades and we can even pre-brand them to your organisation to save you time. Customers with an existing credit account with Prior Analytics can simply order the kit and download it from our secure FTP site on the same day. You will then be invoiced on your usual terms.

Our experience has shown that many organisations are confident to begin tackle the basics by themselves. However, typically, there are a number of questions that arise on the journey to GDPR compliance.

Customisation Requirements
Our GDPR documents come with extensive ready-to-use content that has been written by experts based on the GDPR requirements, the ICO and WP29 guidance and opinions and the current draft of the UK’s Data Protection Bill. However, data protection is an area where no ‘one-size fits all’ and it is essential and important for you to read through all the documents and customise them to suit your needs.

This is especially important in areas such as data subject rights, privacy notices, technical and organisational measures etc, where you will need to specify how you comply with the GDPR and associated requirements and what exact measures and controls you have in place; ensuring that all your obligatory documentation requirements are met and maintained.

Every organisation is different and whilst many of our documents are ready-to-use, it is important that policies, procedures, checklists and other compliance templates are adequate and appropriate for your business type, requirements and industry. Compliance in any regulated area cannot simply be purchased ‘off the shelf’ and will always require action, commitment and dedication on your part.

We are happy to offer advice and guidance but if you are unsure of your regulatory or legal obligations or require more intensive help with ensuring compliance; you should seek additional professional or legal advice. We are not lawyers and this area of law is so new that its interpretation and application to business is still untested as, of course, there have not yet been any cases brought to court with regard to GDPR.

Pricing Options
GDPR Documentation Toolkit (generic unbranded kit) £750

GDPR Documentation Toolkit (branded with your logo, key details) £899

This includes the GDPR Staff Training package (worth £149) and 60 minutes’ worth of consulting time by email and/or phone. Please note that our GDPR kit does not simply include GDPR documentation, we also include an Information Security Program* which some vendors charge separately as part of an ISO 27001 kit which makes the cost higher.

Further blocks of GDPR consulting time cost £100 per 60 minutes.

If you’d like a fully project-managed GDPR readiness implementation then we will conduct a scoping workshop with you and quote according to the findings of the workshop on a bespoke basis.

More Information
For more information on training, pricing or documents included please contact us